Last assisgnment submitted….Woohoo….


Well, what a journey that was….how good did it feel to hit the submit button and know that I can now enjoy the rest of the year without worrying about an assignment due date.

I just want to wish everyone participating in EDC3100 ‘good luck’ and David, thank you for the informative, although sometimes stressful, journey!


Kerry 🙂

PS: I’m now off to the beach…..

Relaxing on remote beach


Ideas from the E-Leanring community and the Ebola Crisis?


For those who need inspiration and ideas, I really recommend that you subscribe to E-Learning Heroes newsletter.   This is where you can be inspired by other developers and teachers, share your suggestions and training templates as well as have access to other members’ templates and images.  Win/Win/Win!

You should also check out the results from the regular E-Learning challenge, which in this instance was based on course designers creating a short training interaction around the Ebola crisis.  So many different ideas and presentations, which really stimulate the imagination and encourage me to consider using some of these strategies in the courses I develop.

Have a great day!    🙂


Logo Elearning

Stories to tell…….


I am really enjoying reading some of the stories shared by those on practical experience.  Sounds like Lauren had fun and I loved the Powtoon she developed and shared!

Leisha also shared some great apps that she used on practical experience and how these really assisted in providing stimulation and support for Special education students.

Nice work everyone!

Loving couple having fun on the beach

52 Tips and Tricks for Google Doc’s


Well, I have finally found a few minutes to stop and check out some other blogs to find out what others are thinking and sharing and I came across an interesting link from Seasidegroup2014 (yet again), which lead me to another great list of 52 Tips and Tricks for Google Docs in the classroom.  I hope you find time to take a look at this link as there are some sound little tips that should make like easier.  🙂

Enjoy your day/week.


Who has time to schedule time?


Well, here we go, the list of ‘to do’ just keeps getting bigger and I now need someone to take notes for me, check how I am going and if I need a hand, as well as tick tasks off as I complete them………. in my dreams!  🙂

Preparation takes time and careful planning, I live and breath checklists, diary notes and schedules, otherwise I would be completely lost!

I need to:

  • Plan my ICT rich sessions – make sure they compliment and fit into the outcomes of each session and add value, meaning and fun
  • Schedule contingencies, such as car breakdown, illness, nerves, no coffee!
  • Review all ICT and other activities scheduled for each session to ensure they work, resources are available and if there is power or equipment failure, I have plan b firmly planted up my sleeve
  • Check that my mentor and I are on the same page with what is to occur

I am sure this list will grow significantly in no time.

Loving couple having fun on the beach